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  • Clarity

    Issue № 94


    I’ve lately been working through reading many, short interviews with people of varying degrees of fame and success. Most of them don’t particularly interest me. “But wait,” you’re thinking, “why would you bother to read a bunch of things which don’t particularly interest you?” What I’m looking for, in both fiction and documentary, are moments…

  • Integrity

    Issue № 93


    Nostalgia totally sounds like some sort of prescription nasal spray that pops up in one of those interstitial, web-page ads. It’s potent enough that it certainly shouldn’t be as readily available as it is. The instant I begin to cast my mind back 30 years to when I was participating in building the Internet and…

  • Creativity

    Issue № 92


    I feel that I waste so many moments. I suspect you do too, because that’s the human experience as far as I’ve seen. Hold in mind some moments you feel you’ve recently wasted. Don’t focus on the usual patsy, your phone. Think more broadly and find a few examples of time you wasted . .…

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