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  • Mindfulness

    Issue № 90


    An extremely fast way to get to mindfulness—this is the fastest way I’ve found so far—is to think: This may well be the last time I do this. The last walk. The last boulder I scramble upon. The last conversation with this person. The last conversation ever. The last word I type. The last sentence…

  • Start the clock

    Issue № 89

    Start the clock

    I sometimes talk about “moving forward” as a default mindset I have. For example, all other things being equal, go to the airport and wait in the terminal, not a home. But in the end, it all boils down to my having deeply apprehended the lesson that the first 90% of everything is vastly easier…

  • Calm

    Issue № 88


    Calm technology. Slow thought. Peace. We need a philosophy of Slow Thought to ease thinking into a more playful and porous dialogue about what it means to live. ~ Vincenzo Di Nicola from, https://aeon.co/essays/take-your-time-the-seven-pillars-of-a-slow-thought-manifesto We can each do some things, and not everything. Choose wisely. Journaling I find that whatever hindrances occur I write just about…

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